Bring Out The “Maverick” In You

The late great motivational speaker, radio personality and author Earl Nightingale was once asked what the secret to success in business was. His answer revealed much…he said, “Watch what everyone else is doing and then do the opposite.” It took me a little while to grasp what he meant but slowly, I found the hidden meaning behind it.

Perhaps you are just like me and enjoy being somewhat of a “Maverick” in business. I’ve never particularly enjoyed doing or offering what every other jewelry store in my area offered. Unconsciously for years, my wife and I have strived to differentiate our store from any other whether that be in the marketing of the store or the products offered. Amazingly it became clear that I had a bit of what Earl Nightingale was talking about and maybe you’ve discovered the same thing. 

You’ll discover that it’s much easier to be noticed in your own marketplace just as we did when you do things differently than your competitors. Embracing the “Maverick Marketing Mindset” will be very liberating for some jewelers while confusing to others. What do I mean by this? Simple…

  • Maverick Marketers treat advertising as they would a commission salesman. By testing and tracking, you send your advertisements out and if it doesn’t produce, get rid of it.
  • Don’t market your business where all of your competitor’s do…pick out an advertising vehicle that is different and “Own” that category.
  • Don’t waste money on image/institutional advertising(at least no more than necessary) and never do advertising you can’t track.
  • Stand out in the crowd by being different…become your area’s expert or character(for me that’s being Bill Warren aka: the Doctor of Love) on a particular subject.
  • Do advertise lines of jewelry that only you offer such as a local or national designer, etc.

When you go on vacation, I’ll bet you go into other jewelry stores just like I do and check them out, hoping to see or learn something that will make your store better. Have you ever noticed how so many jewelers advertise the same ads in the same old newspaper or run the same billboards that you just saw in the town 20 miles back that you passed thru? Do whatever it takes to make your store different!!!

Plain ‘ole vanilla in anything really doesn’t cut it anymore…if you’re store is plain ‘ole vanilla, how about trying tuitti fruiti for a change? You might be surprised how your customers would respond! Even more, you might actually find that once again, you can have fun being a jeweler! The biggest kick I get in this business is when I have a marketing campaign or promotion absolutely blow the doors off with business because we tried something others wouldn’t or couldn’t do. 

You see, I often watch my mailbox to see what other companies in different fields are doing and then adapt that to fit our business. We certainly do not need more “Red Tag or 50% Off Sales” in this industry, so why not borrow something from another? Recently I borrowed a direct mail promotion from an insurance company that absolutely rocked! That couldn’t have happened if I wasn’t looking at my own mail instead of throwing it away like I used to do. By becoming sensitive to the marketing that is constantly going on around…you’ll learn new ideas. Don’t just look at other industries sales and marketing ideas and think just because it’s not a jewelry industry idea it can’t work…adapt it..become a bit of a “Maverick”…try it out and watch what happens and I’ll bet you’ll be surprised.

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