Ralph Timmerman, Camelot Bridal

 The brightest and best young retail marketer I have ever known.  I have personally seen what his marketing techniques have done for many retailers in North and South Carolina.  In our current economic environment, his strategies can bring your business, sales and profits to a higher level.  I guarantee, if you are not utilizing his expertise, you are doing a disservice to yourself and your business.

Steve Morris, Helms Jewelers

 Now you can sleep because Bill never does! By the volume of clever, effective, and new marketing ideas that Bill Warren turns out, he must never sleep. He’s awake all night long to come up with the marketing tools he creates and is willing to share with us in the jewelry industry. Why not give Bill a call today and start benefiting from his creative marketing genius? It will help you make more money and isn't that what all of this is about?

Kathy Beall, Executive Director Alabama Jewelers Association

The topic was exactly on target with the needs and requests of our jewelers, and they were very complementary of what they learned during your presentation.  In fact, we’ve been told more than once that this was the best convention ever!