The Ultimate Jewelers’ Mastermind

After years of requests from fellow jewelers, “Diamond” Bill Warren created the “Ultimate Jeweler’s Mastermind.” This one of a kind group meets virtually each month where Bill shares a valuable on on-point lesson followed by a mastermind experience.

In addition to the lessons, each member of the Ultimate Jeweler’s Mastermind share best practices and a “what’s working” so all members can benefit.

The Ultimate Jeweler’s Mastermind often discusses how to bring in profitable buying traffic, ways to make money on the buying of inventory, how to stand out in your marketplace and much more.

Membership in this exclusive group is made up of mom & pop stores, studio operations as well as multiple store operations all with the mindset to contribute and help “Mastermind” member stores get better and make more money!

If you’re interested in becoming a member, please email Bill directly at

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